Grounding Activities

Grounding Activities

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Welcome to our very first blog! Whether you’re planning your next adventure, pursuing natural healing, or simply looking for some entertaining and educational content, Nature Beyond Threads (NBT) has you covered. Check in  for invaluable travel, therapeutic, fitness, and fitness fashion tips! Let us help you step into your vibrant energy and innate power. 


Grounding is an ancient healing technique that has been proven to help pretty much every ailment caused by stress - with grounding activities aiding in everything from healing chronic autoimmune diseases to reducing depression/anxiety. No matter what is going on in your life, grounding can help you handle overwhelming situations and find joy in the present moment. 

In this blog, we will discuss what grounding is + the science behind grounding’s healing effects, how wearing NBT will help you reach a grounded state, and share some of our favorite exercises to bring you back into positive energy. 



Grounding (sometimes referred to as “Earthing”) simply means to be present in your body and connected to the earth all at once - usually via walking barefoot outside, sitting on the ground, or lying on the ground (think back to cloud-gazing as a kid). 

While this technique/wisdom has been known and practiced for thousands of years in many cultures all over the world, science is finally catching up! Multiple studies have found that grounding stabilizes our physiology at the deepest levels - reducing inflammation, pain, and stress. It has also been proven to improve blood flow, energy, and generate greater well-being.

Essentially, grounding is a dependable tool for stepping into your power. However, if you can’t make it outside, no need to worry - we’ll also list some great grounding activities for indoors below!



Emerging science has found a connection between the Earth’s electrons and us - a connection that has been missing in most of our modern lifestyles.

Our recent disconnect from this electron-rich surface has been theorized to be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction - many of us tend to be distracted in everyday life. And who can blame us? Things like a global pandemic and social media have offered a TON of distraction these days - and with these distractions, it’s easy to forget how nurturing + healing the Earth truly is. 

Routine bodily contact with the Earth helps stabilize your internal bioelectrical system - bringing our dysregulated nervous systems back to (a happy) state of homeostasis. We can only create, love, and be social from a true grounded state  - a state our activewear can easily help you step into.


According to an article published in Berkley’s Scientific Magazine, Greater Good Magazine“merely looking at pictures of nature speeds up mental restoration and improves cognitive functioning” - as well as restoring focus, reducing depression, and improving our overall mood. 

This means that stepping into a pair of NBT’s activewear will not only help you remember to ground throughout the day; gazing at the intricate patterns of nature on your body will also help put you in a better mood and help you restore focus.

Our activewear also serves as a much needed, gentle reminder that you ARE nature - fashioned from the very same particles as the powerful ocean, grains of sand, ridged mountains, starry skies, and rippling plains. Grounding merely helps you remember the truth - that you are just as beautiful, and more than capable of achieving any of your wildest dreams.

In addition to this, grounding/wearing NBT’s activewear (as well as many other mindfulness/grounding practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc.) work hand-in-hand due to the Mind-Body Connection we all have within us, as well as stimulating the Vagus Nerve - a nerve that is definitely worth routinely stimulating.

So, without further ado:


These can also be practiced indoors but are especially beneficial outdoors! Sitting, walking, laying or standing on grass, sand, rock, dirt, concrete, or touching a live tree are all viable options for the below exercises.

If you’re having trouble focusing - try pairing a couple together (i.e., Box Breathing + Butterfly Hug, Side Eye + Epsom Salt Bath, etc.)

1. Box Breathing Technique - any kind of mindful (aka with awareness/acceptance of what is happening in present moment + body) breathing should do the trick, but this is one of our favorites!

2. Butterfly Hug - a simple, but highly powerful and proven EMDR therapy technique!


3. Side Eye + Lion's Breath - truly the nervous system reset we've all needed. 




You can do these sitting on your floor, in a chair, laying in bed, or really any way you please. A Grounding Mat may also be beneficial for indoor practice, but is definitely not required!

1. Visualization Meditation - try this one!

2. Epsom Salt Bath - epsom salt baths are calming + grounding due to the magnesium content, the warm water, and the nurturing, holding nature of the water, and are especially beneficial if practiced in conjunction with the exercises above.


Thanks so much for joining us for our very first blog. We hope this knowledge helps you tap into your highest potential - no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Please share this with anyone you care about and make sure to come back or our next blog! 

Be within Nature with Nature Beyond Threads. 💙



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