Embodiment Beyond Experience

For Women. By Women.

Noelle Kristine had a dream of not only illuminating the connection between nature and inspired movement and action - but also to help women everywhere remember on a daily basis that they are the creators of their own life by integrating this knowledge onto a never-before-seen medium - activewear. After learning from scientific studies that nature - as well as nature photography - have a calming, healing, and grounding effect on the brain as well as noticing that they felt a spark of hope + inspiration when looking at her iconic nature photography in the darkest depths of 2020, she decided to take the leap - channeling the very inner strength, courage, and creativity they hope to help other women find as they pursue their dreams. 

As NBT grows through their dedicated, consistent passion for sharing both adventures and versatile art with the community, they remain grounded and inspired through gratitude, traveling, movement, and, not to mention - wearing NBT’s activewear to remind them of their magic within.